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Laura Ness (Seller – Boston)

Video Testimonial

I just wanted to take a moment to talk about my realtor Michelle lane she was fantastic I can’t say enough good things about her we had a particularly tricky situation in the selling of my house and she was with me every step of the way and was a great support.
Her customer service and her attention to detail did not stop once we had the offer on the table, she continued to make sure all the trains run on time all the paperwork got done in time and was completed.
And made sure that ultimately we were able to get the sale done, and do so in the most expeditious way possible, so I I can’t say enough good things about Michelle her experience and her attention to detail she was really helpful in this very difficult time with a very unique and kind of trying selling situation, so I would highly recommend her to anyone who is buying or selling a home just because of her expertise her attention to detail and her follow through its unmatched.
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